Danny Torrejonpersonal training
Volunteer Trainer since 2007

3-time National Power Lifting Champion, 25 amateur fights, potential professional fighter




Jesse Haro
Volunteer Boxing Trainer since 2008

Former pro-fighter, Jesse brings distinction to our gym with the five kids he helped turn pro.

See him in action!


Raul Martinez

Raul Marquez
Professional & Amateur Trainer




Ray MitchellRay Mitchel
Professional & Amateur Trainer




Pedro MartinezPedro Martinez
Volunteer Boxing Trainer




Johnny MesaJohnny Mesa
Professional Fighter &
Volunteer Trainer




Tom FerrentinoTom Ferrentino
Former Mr. Arizona & Volunteer Fitness Trainer




In Memoriam:

Eddie UrbanoEddie Urbano
Two-Time National Wrestling Champion & volunteer Wrestling Coach