Special Projects


The 6th street gym is now offering a new scholarship program. Talking to community leaders, probation officers and school officials we have identified a need. Dropout prevention, school attendance and motivation, for at risk kids in our community.

At- risk kids … who are  identified as “struggling” in school will be offered a scholarship at the 6th Street Gym in exchange or motivation for them to make a new commitment to stay in school, do well in school, and participate at The 6th street gym. This will be a pilot program to see if we can do a charter school in the future.

The cost of our  scholarship program is $300 for one semester or $600 for a year which would include equipment,(shoes shorts gloves headgear mouth guards), travel expenses, tournament fees and instruction time.

We are asking you to help one kid for one semester for a total of $300.00   Donations taken at www.gofundme.com/6thstreetgym.  Or send check to P.O. box 64581 Tucson, AZ 85728

Thank you for helping us to serve at-risk kids in our community!
Dr. Edwin Torrejon


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