Rainbow Connection

Rainbow Connection Self Defense is a program for LGBTQ+ folks and other marginalized people in the Tucson community. Our mission is to provide training in krav maga based self-defense and make skills available to those who need them most. How do we do this?

  • Ongoing classes are free (donations to help support our program are graciously accepted). Drop in to any ongoing class; come 10-15 minutes early your first time to sign a waiver. 
  • Private training, small group and large group classes, and seminars tailored to your needs are available at a sliding scale.
  • Classes are trauma aware: we emphasize and teach consent and healthy boundary setting.
  • Skills can be modified for individuals who use mobility aids, have injuries, have limited use of their arms or legs, etc.- just contact us and we will assess your needs and provide you with a schedule of classes that best meet those needs.

Look for our schedule of upcoming classes at Rainbow Connection Self Defense Facebook group or email tylarzinn@gmail.com to be added to the Rainbow Connection Self Defense email list.

For questions about private training, small group and large group classes, text or call (520)232-4457 or tylarzinn@gmail.com.

To donate and help support our efforts, please contact Jesse Tucker at (520)838-1592 or check out our Donation Page to see how you can help.

Thinking about attending Rainbow Connection? Classes are free (donations graciously accepted). 
Here is what you should know/ what to expect:

1) Every session of the the ongoing class is different and situation based. There is a monthly calendar at Rainbow Connection Self Defense Facebook group, or you can join the email list so you can see what dates, times, and topics are coming up. And I am always open for requests- let me know what situations you want to find out how to respond to! 
2) Bring a water bottle (if you can-I will have some available if you can’t or forget). You can fill water bottles here.
3) We don’t allow street shoes on the mats. There are cubbies for your belongings and shoes! Let me know if you have questions about this.
4) You will need to sign a form before your first class. Please come a few minutes early the first time you attend class.
5) You are ALREADY a strong and courageous person. We all are, because we walk the world being different already. You will simply be learning how to channel that strength into butt-kicking skills! 💪
6) Skills can be modified in many ways. If you need accommodations, just let me know in advance or whenever you realize you need them.
7) You are in charge of your body in this space. You can decide to sit out, catch your breath on the bench, or step out into the sitting area if you need to. You will be respected! I believe that you can do this, or I wouldn’t be coaching. Push yourself past your comfort  level as much as you can in order to effectively learn and use skills in uncomfortable and scary situations. This is a safe place to become comfortable with facing situations that will require these skills.   

Please let me know what else you have questions about or would like to learn here in the comments, or feel free to message me. Let’s do this!! 

Location and other info about Tucson’s Rising Phoenix can be found at the TRP Facebook page!

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