WE NEED YOU. Become a Supporting Member of the 6th St Gym

Please send your donations to:
6th Street Gym
PO Box 64581
Tucson, AZ 85728


You don’t have to sweat on the gym floor, get hit in the boxing ring, or be taken down on the wrestling mat. Just sign up to be a Supporting Member, at whatever level you can.

The Fountain Youth Ministries, a nonprofit tax-exempt organization was established in 1999 to help at-risk youth. Over the years we have fed homeless teens, ministered to families in need and have worked with all the problems associated with at-risk youth.

In 2009 we were blessed to open the 6th Street Gym. We are using the gym as a safe environment where kids come to learn the discipline of sports, while at the same time learning some of life’s lessons through the celebrated moments that sports provide.

As per Article 3 in the bylaws of the Fountain Youth Ministries Incorporation CHARACTER OF AFFAIRS: To provide counseling and mentoring to At-Risk youth.

It is our vision to reach as many at-risk kids, and juveniles on probation, CPS referred and incarcerated youth in our community with the gift of athletics, self-discipline and confidence associated with the Amateur Athletics Union, boxing and wrestling programs.

As a 3-time All American athlete and a national collegiate wrestling champion coupled with a Doctorate in Educational Administration, I feel truly humbled and blessed to use my life experiences to help our struggling youth of today. My staff is comprised with at least 5 to 9 professional former fighters, current pro fighters or amateur fighters. All are on a volunteer basis. We match our professional fighters with at-risk youth to act as mentors coaches, teachers, counselors and friends. Once again all on a volunteer basis.

I ask you to consider the aforementioned and be generous to the 6th street gym with your donation to help us to serve our neighbors… at- risk kids.

Thank You
Dr. Ed Torrejon